Another meeting with entrants

Today, under the leadership of the director of our Institute Valentyna Greshchuk, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Philology, specialty “014 Secondary Education. Ukrainian Language and Literature” Anastasia Kruk held a career guidance event for entrants Zalukvyansky Lyceum named after Ivanna Blazhkevych.
11th-graders listened carefully to information about the advantages and unique opportunities of the Faculty of Philology. Valentyna Greshchuk addressed the high school students with a congratulatory speech and told about the subtleties and peculiarities of studying at our faculty.
During the conversation, we focused on the five most important reasons why you should enter the Faculty of Philology of the Vasyl Stefanuk Precarpathian National University:
1. Being literate in the modern world, knowing, respecting and nurturing the native language is fashionable and always relevant!
2. Educational, dialectological, folklore practices, internships, exchange studies are about the possibilities of our faculty.
3. Filfak is a cozy and comfortable place: there are extremely good teachers who will always support you, friends and many positive impressions!
4. To study together, to have an active rest, to develop the talents is about philologists!
5. And finally: faculty of philology is a garden of beauty and femininity!
We hope that our meeting will help in the future choice of the entrants!