Recommendations for action in case of threat or occurrence of an emergency situation

  1. Information material “Alphabet of Security”, developed by the SES, with the possibility of installing a mobile application«Alphabet of Security» on a smartphone via Play Market.
  2. Interactive map of Civil Protection and Simple Shelters of Ivano-Frankivsk
  3. Follow the link “Recommended contents of the alarm bag”.
  4. Follow the link Brochure” In case of emergency or war “, developed by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy”.
  5. Child and family psychologist Svitlana Roiz compiled a manual “We are ready. About children”. How to talk about threats to the youngest members of the family and how to teach them to act in different situations, such as natural disasters or war. In her recommendations, Roiz relied on materials from the Israeli Rear Service. She offers to consolidate knowledge in the format of games in superheroes.