State certification at the Faculty of Philology

Today, June 19, at the Faculty of Philology, the State Attestation Commission completed its work, which determined the level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language and its teaching methods for students of full-time and part-time higher education majors 014 Secondary Education (Ukrainian Language and Literature) and 035 Philology (Ukrainian language and literature). Full-time students of the 4th year of the specialty 035.01 Philology (Ukrainian language and literature) successfully defended their diploma theses and passed the state exam on the modern Ukrainian language and its teaching methods. The examiner of the State Attestation Commission was the director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies, assistant professor of the Department of General and German Linguistics Greshchuk Valentyna Vasylivna.

The scientific researches of undergraduates showed a high level of professional knowledge and were noted for their relevance. Tetyana Maistruk “Dynamics of the vocabulary of wedding and birth rites in the village of Shevchenkive, Halytsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region” (scientific supervisor: Ph.D., prof. VV Greschuk) and Maria Yanishivska “Colors in an artistic text” successfully defended their works Olga Slonivska” (scientific supervisor: Ph.D., associate professor I.F. Dzhochka).

The examiners of the State Attestation Commission noted the relevance and appropriate level of protection of undergraduate students’ scientific research and offered to continue their work during master’s studies.