Happy Ukrainian Volunteer Day!

You are a volunteer, a brave son of the country!

When the war came to our house,

you were the first to defend the Motherland,

great respect and low bow to you,

you are a volunteer, a brave son of the country.

You stopped the onslaught of enemies,

held the sky above us with a strong shoulder,

without weapons you fought as best you could

shouted to the war: don’t come here, you don’t have to!

You are my dream, you keep peace even now,

you make it possible to live and love

you are an angel with a kind heart, a volunteer,

you voluntarily went to do good.

You hold the front with your chest all these days,

your life is in danger all the time

you give a chance to all of us, including me,

you have a steel will and a fire in your heart.

You are the son of the land of Shevchenko and Franko,

I write poems and compose songs about you,

you have such courage, and your soul is so thin,

you will win everything, come back alive, please.

Valentina Greschuk

It is gratifying that the lyceum students of the 8-A class of Lyceum No. 22 of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk also congratulated the volunteers on this day, creating a wonderful video – thanking our defenders for these poetic lines of Valentina Vasylivna.

You can watch the full version of the video here.