National Poetry Reading Week

“Rivers always flow home” – with deep respect and love for those who protect and reclaim our homes, and for those who gave the most valuable for their home, with a warm heart and hope for those who are waiting to return home. The hour of poetry “I love Ukraine above all” is timed to this date in the Ripna library of the Dubiv village council of the Ivano-Frankivsk region.
These words became the slogan of the work of Valentina Hrestchuk – director of the educational and scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies, candidate of philological sciences, assistant professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language of the Prykarpattia National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk, guardian of the Ukrainian word, who was born and grew up in the picturesque village of Ripny.
Pupils of the Rypna Lyceum (Tamara Ozaryshyn “You are a volunteer, a brave son of the country!”, Runner Volodymyr “How are you there, son of Ukraine?”, Angelina Popovych “You would like to live, boys, and love”) recite poems by Valentina Greschuk to a moving musical accompaniment Zvaricha Myroslava.
It is important that Valentina Vasylivna’s poetic texts foster love for the native language, a sense of patriotism, and great gratitude and respect for the warrior-protector.


You can watch videos by calling:
Ozaryshyn Tamara “You are a volunteer, a brave son of the country!”
Bihun Volodymyr “How are you, son of Ukraine?”
Angelina Popovych “You guys want to live and love”