Creative approach to the important

We are strengthening another segment of our institute’s work – the methodological component. Under the guidance of the director Valentyna Greshchuk, bachelors Glynchak Valentyna, Slobodyan Tetyana and Melnyk Yulia prepared videos about interesting studies at the Faculty of Philology, its charms and attractiveness. With great interest Valentyna Glynchak shares her achievements during the training and production pedagogical practice:

“Pedagogical practice under the guidance of Professor Vasyl Hreshchuk made me feel like a teacher. It is very important to interest children in something, to organize this work so that students have good impressions. I realized that I chose the right path, that this is my profession. Practice gave The philologist is the humanitarian face of the state, the intellectual engines of the educational process, creatively charged individuals who not only overcome difficulties, but also do everything possible and impossible to avoid such difficulties. “

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Tetyana Slobodyan also enthusiastically talks about her chosen profession:

“A teacher is not just a highly educated person, but first of all someone who knows how to pass his knowledge to others, explain the incomprehensible, find the key to the abilities of each student. In order to teach someone something, you need to understand it perfectly, be ready to answer questions”.

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Yulia Melnyk strongly advises high school students to enter the Faculty of Philology.

“Eleventh grader?
Then read carefully!
Are you creative, creative, active?
Do you support Ukrainian Facebook, Instagram and TikTok?
Make it even better with the help of impeccable knowledge of the Ukrainian language, clear diction and love for the native language!
The Faculty of Philology of Vasyl Stefanyk PNU offers you a higher education according to the educational program 035 Philology (Ukrainian language and literature).
– modern and authoritative teachers;
– original pairs;
– disclosure and further development of Your talents;
– meetings with prominent writers and scientists.
And in the future you will be able to:
– become a teacher or lecturer;
– work as a journalist;
– be an editor;
– to become a poet or a writer;
– work as a scientist;
– behave confidently in front of the audience.
You will be able to show your acting skills in pairs in Stylistics under the guidance of Valentina Greshchuk. Such modern and extremely interesting couples prove that our Ukrainian youth is moving in the right direction!
Choose Ukrainian!
We are waiting for you! “

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Bachelors are participating in the competition for the best video, we wish them success!

Educational programs 035 Philology (Ukrainian language and literature) and 014 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature) of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University are waiting for you!