Assistant (035 Philology (035.01 Ukrainian language and literature)) and industrial educational pedagogical (014 Secondary education (014.01 Ukrainian language and literature)) master’s practice

Assistant practice began on February 1st. Students have the opportunity to show their knowledge and pedagogical skills in the teaching field.

On 11. 02. 2021 Purshega Ivanna held the first lecture on the subject “Ukrainian dialectology” (teacher M. Bigusyak) for students of the Faculty of Philology of the 2nd year specialty “014 Secondary Education (Ukrainian language and literature)” on the topic “The Dialects of the Ukrainian language. Northern dialect”. The lecture was held at the appropriate scientific and methodological level, all goals were achieved. The scientific supervisor of the master is the director of our institute, who attended classes and gave methodical advice.

The trainee shares her thoughts on studying at the Faculty of Philology:

“Being a teacher is not easy, it is a kind of art, vocation, great responsibility. It is important that what you do brings pleasure and, of course, bears fruit. I am happy that the students appreciated my efforts, because this was my first experience. Such pleasant responses add inspiration and even greater confidence that it is not necessary to stop on the reached, and to go to new tops of the purpose. All that I managed to do in practice is thanks to the wise instructions of associate professors Valentyna Greshchuk and Mykhailo Bigusyak, who approach the teaching of disciplines professionally and creatively and skillfully pass on their knowledge to students. I am very grateful to them for their recommendations and sincere advice”.

Marianna Roman tells about her work with enthusiasm:

“It is never too late to improve. Despite the fact that I already have little experience at school, practice is one of the important elements of master’s studies at the Faculty of Philology of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

On 18.02. 2021, I conducted an online Ukrainian language lesson for students of 10-B class of Bohdan Secondary School of I-III grades of Rakhiv district on the topic: “Using a capital letter.” I tried to involve students in the work, using interesting examples, illustrative material, discussing the problematic points when explaining the new material. In all this, I was helped by the knowledge I gained during the course “Methods of teaching the Ukrainian language in institutions of different levels of accreditation”. My supervisor of the master’s work, associate professor Greshchuk Valentyna gave wonderful advice and methodical recommendations, which I used in preparation for the lesson. During the difficult quarantine period, the presentation came in handy, because it was more interesting and easier for students to perceive the educational material.

I am sincerely grateful to Valentyna Greshchuk for joining the lesson and giving valuable instructions, and to Sloniovska Olga for accurate recommendations in the internship. Many thanks also to the headmistress of the school Gavyuk Maryana for the good organization of work in my professional growth. Once again, I am convinced that when you are surrounded by experienced, qualified, wise and kind people, you become like that yourself”.

We wish success to Ivanna and Marianna in further practice.