Successful completion of assistant and industrial educational pedagogical practice

We summarize the results of the work done during the practice. Under the guidance of the director of our Institute, two students passed the internship, who successfully conducted lectures, practical classes, lessons and educational activities. Here is how Marianna Roman shares her impressions of her work:

“Time passed so quickly …

My practice in the wonderful 10-B class has only recently begun, and here is an educational event. Every year, on February 21, Ukraine celebrates the International Mother Language Day. The spiritual heritage of each nation preserves and transmits from generation to generation the language, culture, traditions and rites. My students and I did not stay away and played an intellectual game “Native language is our treasure”.

Of course, I did not do without the knowledge I gained in classes on “Methods of teaching the Ukrainian language in institutions of different levels of accreditation”, because the teacher Valentyna Greshchuk repeatedly explained how to interest high school students in modern and interactive tasks. I hope there will be many such moments in my future profession”.

Purshega Ivanna is also overwhelmed with positive emotions from the internship:

Behind the shoulders of two different practices and educational activities prepared by me, quizzes, blitz tournaments and language-practical conference “Literacy and Language: History and Modernity”, which differs from all those that took place online, organized on The conference was joined by students Olga Perevalova, Khrystyna Melnyk, Lilia Vasylyshyn, Oleh Zapotochny Nazar, Oleh Hopta, Yulia Goreeva, who prepared interesting, dynamic and informative messages. past, as covered topics: “The first attempts at writing: rock painting, pictography, cuneiform, kipu, you cougar, hieroglyphs”, “Letter-sound writing. The creators of Slavic writing – Saints Cyril and Methodius”, “History of Chronicle. Nestor the Chronicler Of course, the students mentioned Taras Shevchenko, who with his great talent revealed the inexhaustible riches of the vernacular, grasped it, showed a wonderful, h equal music of the Ukrainian word (“Shevchenko as the creator of the Ukrainian literary language”). Oleg Gopta prepared a report on the most famous Ukrainian linguists, who also played a major role in the creation of the Ukrainian word (“The most famous Ukrainian linguists”). All listeners were interested in the message “Language situations in modern Ukraine: surzhik, youth slang, the use of profanity”, which is a topical issue today. Students prepared illustrative material that helped to delve into the topic. Associate Professor Valentyna Greshchuk was present at the language-practical conference, emphasizing: “Language is our spiritual wealth, we must learn and improve our native language and pass on our heritage to our descendants”.