“Learn to love Ukraine like Kostenko Lina …”

Under the guidance of the director of our Institute, bachelor Solomiya Solomon held a literary event with students of 10-11 grades of the Spas Lyceum of the Spas United Territorial Community, timed to the 91st anniversary of the birth of Lina Kostenko.

Here is how the student shares her impressions:

“Lina Kostenko once said that the people are looking for themselves in genius. But I want to think that the time will come and our descendants will say: “The people found themselves in Lina Kostenko”, who is celebrating her 91st birthday today. She is one of those artists, who did not lose human dignity during the persecutions, did not compromise with the authorities, because the poetess always expressed her position directly and openly. Her poetry is an example of selfless and noble service to the people. We are grateful to fate for the fact that we are contemporaries of Lina Kostenko”.

Students recited poetry with enthusiasm and tenderness, told interesting facts about Lina Kostenko, and also showed their excellent knowledge in various tasks, including quizzes, crossword puzzles, additions to poetic lines.

The event was joined by bachelor Tetyana Slobodyan, who together with Solomiya told lyceum students why it is worth entering the Faculty of Philology of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University and stressed that the choice of profession is the choice of the future.

The director of our Institute Valentyna Greshchuk talked to the lyceum students, who told about the interesting study at the Faculty of Philology and together with philologists helped high school students to learn as much as possible about the specialties at the Faculty of Philology.


We wish Solomiya a successful internship and hope that such emotional meetings will help high school students to make the right choice in the future.