Undergraduates are actively practicing at the Faculty of Philology

Masters of the Faculty of Philology specialties 0.35 Philology (Ukrainian language and literature) and 0.14 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature) undergo industrial educational pedagogical and assistant practice.

Under the guidance of the director of our Institute Valentyna Greshchuk, philologist Tetyana Slobodyan conducted classes in the group UMLF-21 in the discipline “Ukrainian dialectology” (teacher – Associate Professor of Ukrainian Mykhailo Bigusyak) on “Northern dialect” and tried her hand at the role. Tetyana sincerely admits that being a teacher is extremely responsible: “I remember the first lesson I taught at school. But today I am a master, a teacher, and I am not listened to by schoolchildren, but adult youth – students.”

On the basis of Lyceum №23 named after Roman Guryk in the 11th grade taught a lesson in Ukrainian by Khrystyna Kotsyubka on “A colon in a complex unconnected sentence” and Valentyna Seniv in 11-B (1 group) on “Punctuation in simple sentences complicated by homogeneous members of the sentence” (Methodist Vasyl Greshchuk).

Here is how the undergraduates share their impressions:

“Practice is always an interesting and new experience. Despite the fact that we already have two pedagogical practices behind us, we were still very pleased to return to the school walls and talk live with students after distance learning. Undoubtedly, during the period of internship you always discover yourself in a new way and understand that you can master anything, but you just need to want and have good mentors “- says Khrystyna Kotsyubka.

We wish success to undergraduates in further internships.