Today is Taras Shevchenko’s birthday

March 9 marks the 208th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian poet, novelist, thinker, painter, graphic artist, ethnographer and public figure Taras Shevchenko.

Taras Shevchenko is a national symbol of the Ukrainian people, who awakened the Ukrainian soul and established the spiritual basis of the people to fight against enslavement by the Russian Empire. As before, his life and work inspire millions of Ukrainians around the world to fight for a free Ukraine.

Many people are inspired by Shevchenko’s example, his prophetic words give strength to new heroes-defenders. Taras Shevchenko was and still is a symbol of resistance to Russian expansion. Now Kobzar’s work inspires Ukrainians during the war that Russia started.

10 statements of Taras Shevchenko that do not lose relevance:

  1. And on the renewed earth there will be no enemy, no rival, but there will be a son, and there will be a mother, and there will be people on the earth!;
  2. Fiery fires do not burn;
  3. Love your Ukraine. Love her… In times of anger. At the last difficult moment, pray to the Lord for her;
  4. Our thought, our song, will not die, will not perish. That’s where, people, our glory, the glory of Ukraine!;
  5. Our soul does not die, the will does not die. And the bearer will not plow the field at the bottom of the sea;
  6. Make love, black-browed, but not with the Moscowites, because the Moscowites are strangers, they are doing you harm;
  7. If you studied properly, wisdom would be your own;
  8. I love her so much, I love my poor Ukraine so much that I curse the holy God, I will destroy my soul for her!;
  9. In his house there is truth, strength and will;
  10. And we will magnify our miracle and our tongue and our tongue…