Responding creatively to the present

The director of our Institute took part in the poetic marathon “Our muses are not silent! Together to Victory!” conducted by the National Museum of Literature of Ukraine. The poetry of the participants is dedicated to this difficult but defining and heroic period of our history.

“From the first days of the war, new poetry is being created in my mind almost every day – in this way I try to fight the enemy, to support the brave Ukrainian spirit. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you now”.


We are sick with you again,
More wounds hurt …
This time a terrible war …
The virus was brought to us by the occupier.
My Ukraine is sick –
pre-infarction condition …
Powerful drugs are needed
Only we would have time.
My mother, Ukraine,
We need you alive.
Don’t leave us, dear.
We are all for you in battle.
Now we are all at the front:
on the front and in the rear,
Already on the horizon
The sun brings us spring! …
We have already received a dose
from that terrible plague.
Children, the elderly and adults –
We are all vaccinated.
Soon, very soon:
developed immunity.
We chase the executioner,
let him go !!!
We still don’t tell him that
but I will be silent
your heart is weak
I will cure – and I will tell !!!
Mother, my Ukraine,
Soon you
you breathe deeply,
pressure stabilizes,
blood pulsates in the veins,
the heart beats in time.
That virus disappears forever.
The Russian executioner will die.
We will win, mom,
for you have given us everything:
mind, energy, strength.
We would save you …
Very, very soon …
Suffer a little more.
We need it by Easter
put everything in order !!!

Sun gold with blue sky
sprinkles the ground daily.
The poison will perish, disappear, rot,
that sowed the cursed war.
March twenty-second!
Stubbornly step forward.
To Victory over the enemy
we make another takeoff.
We are already destined.
We are all already in flight:
accurately aim at the enemy
in heaven and on earth.
Sun!!! Rash further gold.
Sky!!! Save us from the enemy
Earth !!! Potions and herbs
heal Ukraine for us !!!

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