The month of inviolability

Today, March 24, marks one month since our state desperately resisted the arrogant and ruthless Russian aggressor who dared to launch a large-scale offensive against the whole of Ukraine.

A month of grueling battles, a month of tears, a month of civilian casualties and enormous destruction in our holy land. A month of heroism and victories of our defenders, a month of unshakable Ukrainian spirit, a month of relentless support of the world community for our blessed struggle for freedom and statehood. A month that revealed to us the true faces of friends, foes and “those who have not decided on the answer”. A month when every Ukrainian, regardless of origin, felt the true unity of a great nation.

We have endured, we are firmly on our feet, we are shaking hands, creating a living chain across the borders and continents of free people who defend their own destiny, their own state, who have stood up for humanism and true human values. On February 24, a new page of the world’s recent history was opened, with Ukraine in the center of global attention. And we confidently write it in Ukrainian, surprising the world with an example of real resistance, demonstrating what the Cossack spirit is.

With us – the truth! Our singing Ukrainian language is with us. With us is the support of many generations of our ancestors who dreamed of a happy and free Ukraine. God and the Universe are with us. Hold on, brothers and sisters, let’s fight – let’s defeat the cursed horde of inhumans, drive them out of our land forever!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!