Successful completion of the assistant practice of masters

As part of the student’s internship, a meeting was organized, which became a kind of result of the work done. Graduates had the opportunity to show their knowledge and pedagogical skills in the teaching field. Tetiana Slobodyan, a student of the 5th year, took part in the internship under the guidance of the director of our Institute.

The philologist successfully conducted lectures and practical classes in the group of the 2nd year students in the discipline “Ukrainian dialectology”. Tetiana sincerely admits that being a teacher is extremely responsible: “I remember the first lesson I taught at school. But today I am a master, a teacher, and I am not listened to by schoolchildren, but by young adults – students”.

All students gained vast experience and the opportunity to realize themselves as teachers, made sure that the internship is an extremely important stage in the formation of a future teacher, and thanked the methodologists for helping to implement good ideas, gave useful advice, shared important experiences their pedagogical activities.