Language is the destiny of our people

We do not cease to be convinced of the importance of language, which is another front of Victory. The native language must be respected and developed every day. Masters of the Faculty of Philology of the UMLf-11m group under the leadership of the director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies, assistant professor of the Department of General and Germanic Linguistics Greshchuk Valentina Vasylivna held an educational event on the topic “Show the world the whole spectrum of the native language” to once again convey the richness, melodiousness and uniqueness of the native language. The students prepared a thematic video in which, with the help of poetry and synonymous lines, they were able to demonstrate the beauty of the Ukrainian language and its indestructibility. Quotations from famous Ukrainian artists, which the masters used in their work, became a kind of confirmation of the power of our language.

Let’s cherish and protect our language, because it is our age-old treasure that creates the history of the Ukrainian people!