Career guidance work is ongoing

The Faculty of Philology continues to organize career guidance meetings with education seekers from schools in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Under the guidance of the director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies, assistant professor of the Department of General and German Linguistics Greshchuk Valentina Vasylivna, the master of the Uzmf-11 group, Galina Borodaikevych, organized and conducted a career orientation conversation with lyceum students of the 11th grade of the Catholic Lyceum of St. Basil the Great on the topic “A teacher, like a father and mother, teaches to respect honor.” The student told lyceum students about the list of professions that can be mastered at the Faculty of Philology, shared information about entrance exams, academic disciplines, types of internships and a rich student life outside the classroom. A special moment of the meeting was the acquaintance of the students with Valentina Vasylivna’s debut poetry collection “We will meet where there will be no war…”, the lyceum students watched the poetic video, expressed their own thoughts and impressions after watching it and showed great interest in the author’s lyrical diary.

We hope that such a useful meeting will help future applicants to make the right choice in the future. We continue to work in the same spirit!