The style is interesting

Students of the 4th year of the Faculty of Philology conducted final classes from the course “Stylistics and culture of the Ukrainian language”. Under the leadership of the director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies, assistant professor of the Department of General and Germanic Linguistics Greshchuk Valentyna Vasylivna, the students illustrated all the diversity of the Ukrainian word in speech on a practical level.

The students of the UMLs/o-41 group organized and conducted a practical session, where they revealed Ukrainian oral speech in an original way, combining all styles of speech. The girls recreated the situation of modern realities: when the lights were turned off and representatives of various professions got stuck in the elevator. The fourth-year students got used to the role of a famous writer, scientist, magazine editor, villager, showing all their knowledge and skills in stylistics acquired during the semester. At the end of the performance, everyone prayed for Ukraine, which is so important at this time.

The undergraduate group of UMLf-41 held an interesting lesson where they demonstrated the full power of the Ukrainian word. The girls prepared an original oral presentation, where they remembered those who are fighting in the rear during today’s liberation war – volunteers. Female students reincarnated in the roles of people of different ages, professions, places of residence and reproduced their speech in all functional styles of the Ukrainian language. The girls focused attention on the fact that language unites Ukrainians and accelerates Victory!

The final lesson was conducted by the students of the UMLs/o-42 group, who prepared a speech about the upcoming holiday of Nicholas, which is relevant these days. The students combined the speech of all language styles in the images of Ukrainians, who are so different, but at the same time united by a common desire – to meet December 19 in their native homes. The students of higher education thanked Valentina Vasylivna for her advice and instructions and for preparing interesting and creative tasks.