The report scientific conference of the university for 2021 continues its work

Today, April 7, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University hosted a report online scientific conference of university students for 2021.

Under the leadership of the director of our Institute Valentyna Greschuk, the work of the subsection “Ukrainian language and culture” was organized. Students presented a variety of topics devoted to the study of phonetic features of the Hutsul dialect, verbal communication among young people, new technologies for studying nouns in educational institutions, the formation of stylistic skills in Ukrainian language lessons and more. Leading specialist Natalia Dranitsyna also joined the discussion of the reports.

Master Tetiana Slobodyan shares her impressions:

“For the fifth year in a row, I have the honor to report at a student scientific conference at the Department of Ukrainian Language of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. Each of us prepared informative reports, expressed interesting ideas and opinions, confidently reported on the results of their activities. My presentation was about the features and specifics of youth speech. In addition to slang and foreign words, I mentioned “new-fashioned” words that appear against the background of modern events. It’s a pity that new Ukrainian tokens are created at such a price, but now we know for sure – language matters!”

Bachelor Vitalia Magas is also full of positive emotions:

“Today, at a difficult time for the country, we need to be especially united. Dear friends, speaking Ukrainian is cool and relevant! Let’s focus all our efforts on preserving our Ukrainian language, because today we are united as never before.

The topic of my research was “Fiction as a source of enrichment of students’ phraseological vocabulary.” I tried to prove that the phraseological richness is characteristic of the language of works of Ukrainian writers. Artistic language captures a large number of proverbs, sayings, aphorisms, winged expressions, which contain a unique history of life and everyday life of Ukrainians. I also focused on dictionaries that capture the specifics of Ukrainian speech. All this is extremely important material for replenishing the phraseological vocabulary of students of secondary and higher education, as well as young people in general. The reports of all participants of the conference were extremely interesting, I got a good experience, enriched my knowledge of the language.

Today, unfortunately, under shots, explosions and sirens, a free, strong Ukrainian patriotic nation is being created, and at the same time, a pure, rich, colorful Ukrainian language is being enriched and crystallized. Language is a reflection of human intelligence, level of education, wealth of the soul. We have high hopes that “Everything will be UKRAINE”.

According to the results of the subsection, the research materials of Tetyana Slobodyan and Vitalia Magas (Vintonyak) were recommended for publication in the collection of student research papers “Eureka XXIII”. Congratulations to all conference participants on their successful performances and we wish them new creative achievements! Let us remember that such events provide not only experience, but also an understanding that our language skills can and should be constantly improved.