Ukraine celebrates Vyshyvanka Day

The Educational and Scientific Institute of Ukrainian Studies congratulates everyone with a colorful, beautiful holiday that, thanks to Ukrainians, is spreading all over the world – with the World Embroidery Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the third Thursday of Читати далі

360 years of Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk, one of the largest cities of Galicia, turns 360 years old. The city was founded by the Kraków castellan, later crown hetman Andrzej Potocki from a well-known family of Polish magnates, and named Stanislaw (Polish: Stanislaw) in honor of Читати далі

Final chords of the practice

The last days of practice for third-year students under the guidance of the director of our Institute, Valentina Greschuk, are very busy. The interns took another important step towards a successful pedagogical future, and were once again convinced that the Читати далі

We continue the life of poetry

The lyrical works of the director of our Institute, Valentina Greschuk, continue to inspire. In particular, the students of the Rypna Lyceum gave a second breath to the poem “How luxurious is our Ukraine…” by voicing it and editing a Читати далі