360 years of Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk, one of the largest cities of Galicia, turns 360 years old.

The city was founded by the Kraków castellan, later crown hetman Andrzej Potocki from a well-known family of Polish magnates, and named Stanislaw (Polish: Stanislaw) in honor of his father. In 1962, the city celebrated its 300th anniversary and was renamed. Since that time, it bears the name of the outstanding Ukrainian writer and public figure Ivan Franko, who repeatedly visited here, wrote and read his works.

Even despite the extremely unfavorable circumstances for the celebration, the students of the Faculty of Philology decided to congratulate our city. Diana Kolodiy, Olesya Petriv, Iryna Antonyak, Nazar Zapotochniy, Khrystyna Melnyk and Angelina Zinyak were inspired by the poetry of our director “And in Frankivsk, cherry blossoms bloom…”, voicing it and editing a small video clip. Young philologists thanked Valentina Vasylivna for her inspiration and wonderful poetry and noted that such poems give an unforgettable moment of pleasure and faith that everything will be fine!

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