The first results of industrial educational pedagogical practice

Third-year students are actively conducting their first lessons in Ukrainian language and literature. This experience is extremely interesting and enjoyable for bachelors, methodologists and teachers, as well as for lyceum students. Classes are regularly attended by the head of the practice – the director of our Institute Valentyna Greshchuk and Professor Vasyl Greshchuk, who is a methodologist for full-time (lyceum №7) and part-time interns.

Students try to interest pupils in various tasks, exercises, bright presentations. In particular, Olga Perevalova conducted her first open online lesson on the Ukrainian language in the 7-B class of Lyceum №10 on the topic “Conjunctive as an official part of the language. Connectors of coherence and subordination”.

Here is how the philologist shares her impressions:

“Another big step towards the dream has been made! I am grateful to methodist Valentyna Greshchuk for important remarks and wishes, as well as to my teacher for appropriate methodological advice and moral support! Of course, thank to 7-B class students for their activity!
The internship gave me another opportunity to make sure that in the 5th grade I made the right choice when I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. Next – more… “.

Yulia Goreeva also had the opportunity to conduct her first open online lesson on the Ukrainian language in 7th grade on the topic “Spelling of particles with different parts of speech”. The lesson was attended by the head of the practice and methodologist Valentyna Greshchuk, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature Oksana Martyniuk and colleague of the bachelor Olga Perevalova.

Julia thanked the methodists for the appropriate advice, comments and wishes for their work:

“I had a good opportunity to prove that the source of my small but decent success is a lot of effort and fruitful work in classes on “Methods of teaching the Ukrainian language”. Once again, I am convinced that I do what I love and love what I do. There is still a lot of work ahead and there is really something to work on!”

Irina Antonyak is overwhelmed with emotions from her first successes:

“47th day of full-scale war. We remain strong, and most importantly – in those places where we can be most effective. Because as Otto von Bismarck said: “The enemy goes where the teacher and the priest lose”.

The third week of our practice at the Lyceum №7 has started. We are glad that even in such a difficult time we have the opportunity to gain experience and work with children. Today Nazar Zapotochny and I managed to invite a methodist and our colleagues to the lesson. Thanks to my teacher Homa S.O. for fruitful cooperation, also for instructions to Valentyna Greshchuk and Vasyl Greshchuk, classmates for mutual support. And to the children for inspiring! We keep working!”

Anna Menzatyuk was inspired to conduct the first online lesson on “Conjugation of numerals” with students of 6-A class of Mykytynets Lyceum of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council.

“It was extremely interesting to work with 6-A class students. They are so smart and intelligent! I admire them! Our country is going through difficult times. However, the value of the Ukrainian language is very important today. Ivan Ogienko wrote extremely accurate words: language – the people perish. So, my mission is to protect the heart of our people and teach others to do so”, says Anna.

Khrystyna Melnyk also conducted her first open lessons in the Ukrainian language in the 8-A class of Lyceum №7 on the topic “Separation of subordinate parts of sentences”. Snizhana Didyk had lesson in the 6-B class of Chornopotok Lyceum on the topic “Quantitative and Ordinal Numerals”. The girls noted that the practice gave another opportunity to make sure that they made the right choice by deciding to be teachers.

We sincerely hope that this practice will be very useful for future philologists, because it contributes to the formation and consolidation of interest in the profession of teacher-linguist, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills.

Together to victory!