Industrial educational and educational pedagogical practice continues

Under the leadership of the director of our Institute, Valentina Greschuk, third-year full-time and part-time students continue to practice in institutions of general secondary education, applying all their pedagogical skills and abilities. Practitioners themselves, students, and methodologists who systematically attend classes are satisfied and emotionally charged.

Iryna Kopynets conducted her first open online lesson on the topic “Colon and dash in generalizing words” with 5th grade students of the educational complex “Shirokiv Secondary School of Grades I-II – Preschool Educational Institution” of the Vynohradiv City Council of Zakarpattia Oblast. The bachelor praised the students for their attentiveness, observation, ability to work online, and also thanked everyone present for their valid comments, recommendations and support.

Angelina Zinyak also conducted a lesson on the Ukrainian language at Lyceum No. 7, during which the students learned and consolidated the topic “Pronoun”. The experience was extremely interesting and pleasant.

Olesya Petriv conducted an open lesson in the Ukrainian language on the topic “Adjectival and adverbial inflections” in the 8th grade. “I am grateful to everyone for the reviews, comments and advice regarding my work. I am also grateful to my 8-B for being such active, sincere and intelligent students. This practice once again convinced me that I made the right choice by entering the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology. After all the language is the heart of the people: the language dies, the people die (Ivan Ogienko),” the philologist notes.

We congratulate the girls on their next achievements in the teaching field and wish them successful further internships!